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European Dobermans For Your Family

We ensure they have the best bloodlines, health tests, socialization, and basic training. Our dogs are raised to be loving and loyal companions for your family.


Our puppies are raised in a loving and caring environment. We ensure that they receive all the necessary health tests and vaccinations before they go home with you. Adopt a Doberman puppy today and experience the joy of having a loyal and loving companion.

handsome man playing with unique doberman puppies

We have been Doberman owners or more accurately, been owned by a Doberman since 1973.
After retiring from the cattle and horse industry where we usually had one or two Dobermans living with us on our ranch, we decided to import champion Dobermans with the courage, physical ability and temperament to obtain the working titles they were originally intended to posess.
We have thoroughly enjoyed breeding a few select litters from our champion German, Russian and European Dobermans.

It brings us great pleasure knowing one of our precious babies is doing the job for which he was intended...

providing you and your family with the safest and most effective protection and security available on 4 legs.

 Not only do our Dobermans provide ultimate security and protection, they also bringing companionship, laughter and joy into your home.
Unique Dobermans is a name recognized around the world from royal palaces in Arabia to south American estates, Manhattan High Rises to full time RV'ers and everything in between... as one of the most trusted and reputable Doberman Pinscher breeders in America.


Doberman Breeders in Colorado

Picture of Champion Enzo IPO3 and Jan walking the Oregon coast at sunset

We are a small family-owned business that takes pride in breeding some of the highest quality Dobermans available in America. Our goal is to provide you with a loyal and loving companion that also has the courage and nerves to be protective if and when needed. We ensure that our Dobermans and puppies have the best bloodlines with excellent longevity, health tests, socialization, and basic training. Check out our Doberman puppies for sale and reserve your perfect next friend today!

When it comes to finding the perfect Doberman companion, look no further than our Unique Dobermans! Bruce and Jan each have 50+ years of experience with Dobermans. We take pride in raising our puppies in a loving and caring environment, and ensure that they receive all necessary veterinarian health tests, de-worming, and age-appropriate vaccinations before they go home with you. And with our Lifetime Breeder Support, you can rest assured that we will be there every step of the way to ensure a  smooth transition from our home to yours. So why wait? Reserve Unique Doberman puppy today and experience the confidence that comes with having a  couragous, protective, loyal and loving protective Doberman by your side!

Bruce and two Dobermans Enzo and Rachael on vacation

Who are those people that are breeding and raising Unique Dobermans for sale?

(Besides being the parents of 9 children and grandparents to 16 grandchildren!)

Bruce grew up on his family orchard "Clark Orchards" in Palisade Colorado where he learned to work hard and play hard.
He spent his young life farming on his family orchard, working mules, riding the cliffs behind his childhood home, team roping and skiing.  Skiing was a family passion and on that he later went on to become a semi-pro skier, Bruce also was a licensed hunting guide and outfitter that provided safe and enjoyable lifetime memories for many hunters in Colorado.
Bruce and his special horse Beamer also won a new one ton dodge dually truck in 2005  at a large team roping competition in Oregon.
Bruce eventually moved to Washington state and worked with his veterinarian uncle Bob and aunt Nina who is a Hall of fame Cutter, he helped on their large feedlot, show cattle operation and worked with their world class cutting horses.
Bruce later purchased property that he developed into an organic Cherry orchard, he has the education and know how to produce food in an all natural organic way.
Bruce was introduced to Dobermans early in life. 
While growing up in Colorado as a child, Bruce's uncle had a Doberman.... a Doberman named Dan. 

He was used in the Colorado mountains as a protection dog for the hunting hounds until a bear attack ended his career and almost his Life... but as Dan the Doberman was born to be tough and it would take more than one old bear to stop Dan, he lived on for many more years on grandmas property. 
While Dan was no longer capable of protecting the hunting dogs from snakes, mountain lions and bears and was retired to grandma's house, Dan was still a formidable protection Doberman for grandma at her home on the Colorado river, there were many stories where old Dan changed the minds of drifters wandering onto grandma's property. Dan lived there with Grandma where he was very well loved for the rest of his life.

Jan is from Idaho's ranching country, where she spent her young life haying, moving irrigation pipe, breaking horses and rodeoing. Jan moved to Oregon where she bred and raised World Champion horses and cattle on her 1000 acre cattle ranch in eastern Oregon at Sunnybrook Ranch.
Bruce and Jan met thru horses and between them they have 9 children and 16  grandchildren together.
They retired from the horse and cattle industry and purchased a 13 acre gentleman ranch back in Colorado where they now share their lives with their cherished Dobermans, Pure Polish Arabians and Bruce's rope horses.
Jan was introduced to European working Dobermans as a young girl by her beautiful neighbor Anelda who had brought her Doberman female to America with her from Russia. Jan would care for her Doberman while her owner was away at work, she was an amazing Schutzhund dog trained in the 9's and could do things Jan had no idea a dog could ever do, it made a lasting impression and in 1973 Jan bought her first Doberman named Budweiser's Checkmate from the well known and respected Checkmate Doberman kennel, he played with and faithfully guarded the children she would later have until his passing.

There have been many Dobermans and many stories of brave Dobermans heroism and antics since Bruce's family dog Dan and Jan's Budweiser, but each and every Doberman that Bruce and Jan have shared their lives with since has taught them so much about loyalty, work ethic, dignity and pride, that those Dobermans and their stories will always provide them with fond cherished memories...  never to be forgotten.

Being in their mid 60's and inching towards 70 years of age, it's important to keep it small, keep it simple and take a year off now and then.
Raising a litter of Dobermans is a HUGE commitment and a dedication of a minimum of 90 days out of their lives caring for momma dogs and their babies.
When they have a litter of Doberman puppies, they know they will miss graduations, weddings, funerals, family vacations, holidays and more... please be kind.
And do please remember that because we are very small, we don't have staff, we sometimes get ill or need surgery, or a family member is sick or has passed away... please be kind and compassionate if we don't respond right away.

Just know we do our best to respond to new inquires and that your message may have become burried under newer contacts about our puppies that we receive each and every day, including even on Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving etc.. Please reach out again!


The one thing they have learned about Dobermans over all of these years is... the only thing worse than losing your Doberman is a life without one.

We truly hope that you will enjoy the fruits of Bruce and Jan's Unique Dobermans efforts and the labor of love provided by the breeders before them in Europe and Germany by producing these fine dogs called Dobermans.

Bruce and Jan
​Unique Dobermans
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