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unique doberman puppy chewing on a stick
large boned doberman puppy for sale

​Your Unique Doberman Puppy:

In your Unique Doberman, you have purchased one of the finest Dobermans available worldwide.

Not all people should own dogs and even fewer should have a Unique Doberman; but for those who will take the extra effort to properly raise their Doberman puppy, the rewards are more than compensating.

With the proper care, feeding and training, your Unique Doberman puppy can grow up to be the beautiful, loyal and intelligent watchdog and companion for which his breed is recognized to be and for what it is so well known for and highly prized.

The breeding of this World Champion Sired and World Champion titled Dam produced litter is such that with the proper care, feeding, Show / Schutzhund training, several individuals in this litter are capable of being taken to their championship titles in multiple disciplines!

Your Unique Doberman puppy has had the advantage of excellent European breeding consisting of World Champion conformation titled sires and dams along with amazing working ability in agility/obedience, tracking and personal protection bite work as evidenced by their IPO, VPG, ZTP and Schutzhund titles, this superior genetic heritage combined with continued good care from you will now determine what your Unique Doberman puppy amounts to when it's full grown, and now the way he/she develops and grows from now on is largely up to you.

Your Unique Doberman puppies Temperament:

Unique Dobermans have been bred to provide you with an excellent stable family temperament! Without excessive sharpness which would endanger neighbors and friends, they will be an alert and very protective dog, please understand this is what they have been bred for over a hundred years to be. For the good of both you and the Doberman breed, we recommend they be raised to be a gentle and very social family companion and loyal protector. A Doberman is of no use if it's locked away in a bedroom when company comes over or if it's never taken to town to protect and provide you companionship while on city sidewalks or shops.

Your Unique Doberman can easily be trained to be an effective or even vicious dog; however, if so trained he/she may well cause you a greatly disproportionate share of grief and inconvenience for each possible time his over-protectiveness will or could be of value.

Your Doberman puppy must be well socialized with Humans to be of any protective value! He must allow welcome guests into your home, greet the meter reader, UPS, FED-X, the mailman on your property etc. Your family Doberman will always sense your feelings and respond accordingly! Keep that in mind next time he/she surprises you!

Your current puppy handling and early training of your family Doberman will direct his future temperament. A dog not well socialized and used to people will be unsure and sharp so let your dog know early that visitors will neither harm him nor require his protection of you. Visitors and strangers need not pet or be overly friendly with your Doberman puppy they just need to be in the same room observing and watching. Chaining a dog or confining it to a small place away from people is very harmful to his temperament and cruel to a Unique family Doberman, he/she is not able to protect you if he is kept away from you, he will know this and it will cause him/her a great deal of separation anxiety!

Give your new puppy all the love and companionship you can, especially the first week or two because he is still lonely. homesick and has just left his large family and the only humans he has known since he gasped his first breathes.

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